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  •     Deep Tissue                                          Stress Releif                                                                        Hot Stone Treatment

  • Deep Tissue Massage   ~ $45  (30 min)  Series packages available
  •                                              ~ $85  (60 min) Series packages available

                                             ~ $125 (90 min) Series packages available

  • This type of massage is aimed at deeper tissue structures of the muscle and facia, also called connective tissue. Deep tissue uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots. 


Signature Massage       ~ $40 (30 min)   Series packages available 

                                            ~ $75 (60 min) Series packages available

                                            ~ $110 (90 min) Series packages available

A traditional, relaxing massage using a variety of gentle kneading and flowering strokes to ease stress and reduce muscle tension, increase circulation, and enhance your overall well being. 


Hot Stone Therapy  ~ $110 (75 min) / $125 (90 min)

Enjoy ultimate relaxation as the strain in your muscles melts away with the use of smooth basalt heated stones. The stones are strategically placed on the body and used as an extension of the therapist's hands to allow for deeper penetration into the tissue.



Aromatherapy Massage ~ $80 (60 min) / $110 (90 min)

Enchant your senses and personalize your full body massage with specially blended essential oils to ensure a deeply therapeutic and holistic treatment.






Body Treatments

Sea Salt Glow ~ $95/ 60min

Glow is the keyword for this deep cleansing, exfoliating treatment. Feel stress melt away as your skin is gently massaged using mineral-rich sea salt infused with essential oils to remove impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. You'll emerge feeling refreshed with smooth radiant skin.

Mud Relaxation Body Wrap ~ $95/ 60min

Allow your body to experience the benefits of the natural mud deriving from the nutrient-rich Dead Sea. It's known for its healing properties and very high concentration of minerals. Detoxify and hydrate your body with new revitalization and firmness while relieving stress.

Seaweed Body Wrap ~ $95/ 60min

Improve your body with new restoration and firmness. Absorb the intense benefits from the rich array of minerals, micronized vitamins, and enzymes naturally abundant in seaweed. Eliminate impurities, soften the skin and calm the mind.

Hydrating Aromatherapy Wrap  ~ $95/ 60min

You'll feel good all over with this body treatment. Relax and pursue emotional, physical, and aesthetic well-being. The combination of natural aromatic plant oils, aromatherapy, and hydrating lotion will soothe the body and mind. This body treatment incorporates a variety of traditional Swedish massage techniques including long strokes and kneading, which helps to increase circulation, improve muscle tone, and soothe tired muscles.


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