Mens Waxing

Back & Shoulders - $55 & up

Brazilian Male - $97

Buttocks - $42

Chest & Stomach - $60

Chest Upper - $40

Ears - $12

Lower Back - $27

Nose - $12

Health Benefits to Waxing for Men
  • Lasts longer than shaving typically 4-6 weeks because hair is removed from follicle

  • No cuts/nicks that can cause scars

  • Hair will grow back thinner and finer

  • Hair will grow back slower over time

Don’t Attempt To Do It Yourself

In the long run, waxing professionally will help save you time and keep you smooth-looking longer. After waxing, hair growth starts anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, since it removes hair from the roots, giving it more time to regrow. You will have longer lasting silky smooth hair-free skin. Just make sure you don’t do the full body wax on yourself, this is not something you want to try at home. Get help from an experienced professional.